General Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are used to make business relationships with customers should be legally binding basis for both parties. The rights and obligations of the seller and the buyer are governed by Czech law and these terms and conditions.
Information about the operator

The operator of the site and also sells goods that are offered through e-commerce, the company:
business data

Name: Fibra, s.r.o.
ID: 01559494
VAT: CZ01559494

The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Ostrava, Section C, insert 56150.

Address: 110/36 Polanecká
City: Ostrava
ZIP code: 721 00
Contact information

Tel: 604 301 615

Account Number (CZK): 167 377 504/0300
Bank: Fio banka, a. S.
IBAN: CZ3720100000002300411847

Subject of performance

The deliverable is delivery of goods based on customer orders placed through the website e-commerce.

The delivery invoice (tax document), which also serves as delivery and warranty card.

Changing or canceling orders: order entry can be changed or canceled only by agreement with the seller, and it only if they have not yet been shipped the parcel.

prices of goods

Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise, all prices in electronic shop include VAT. The currency is the Czech koruna. Recap VAT can be viewed in Shopping Cart.

Terms of delivery

Shipments are usually dispatched within 36 hours of ordering, and every working day.

Goods are sent via the following carriers:

Czech Post

Shipments are delivered as an ordinary package. If no addressee is not present on the day of delivery, the shipment is deposited at the appropriate delivery office. Here you can pick up a shipment of the next few days, otherwise it will be returned to sender.


Information on the current status and movement of the shipment can be obtained after entering the number the package directly to the main website of the carrier. The tracking number, the customer receives an e-mail at the time of shipment. Shipping information is available about 15 minutes after delivery (ie. After sending information messages with a tracking number).

Shipments abroad: goods ordered through electronic commerce are sent only to the Czech Republic. If you wish to order goods abroad, contact us by phone and we will give you the specific conditions.

Prices transport: Prices for transport are shown in the following table. Packing charge.
The carrier Price (including 21% VAT)
Czech Post CZK 150, -
PPL CZK 150, -

Payment Terms

Payment for ordered goods on delivery is realized at the moment of delivery. The customer pays the carrier upon receipt of goods.

Returned goods

The buyer (consumer) has the right goods ordered through electronic commerce (delivery service) without giving a reason to return. The repayment must occur within 14 days from the date of receipt of shipment.

Returned goods must be intact and no signs of use or wear, in the original packaging with the original, or at least a copy of the invoice (tax document). Custom refund can be realized through some transportation service or in person. To determine the time limit is determined by the date of dispatch of the returned goods back to the seller.

Seller has the right to refuse returning the goods if the buyer exceeds the statutory deadline for the return or return damaged goods, with signs of use and wear, without the original packaging or required documents.

The price of the returned goods seller pays the buyer within 30 days from the date of receipt of returned goods, namely bank transfer.

When returning goods buyer is not entitled to a refund of shipping charges incurred in sending the goods back to the seller nor to a refund for the original delivery of goods by the seller (ie. Prices and freight dobírečného).

Complaints Procedure

Accepting the shipment: By accepting the shipment from the carrier the recipient confirms that the package did not show obvious signs of damage. Therefore, the customer is obliged when accepting the shipment from the carrier, check its status, especially the integrity of the shipping container.

Refusal to take: If the items are damaged or visibly impaired (rupture, shape distortion, severe pollution, etc.) Or if there is suspicion of illegal entry into the shipment, the customer has the right to refuse acceptance of the package. In this case, the carrier is obliged to issue the buyer a written record of the complaint or other document with the record of detected defects.

This protocol serves the purchaser as proof of eligibility for rejection goods and entitles to send a new, defect-free goods from the retailer. New faultless goods retailer can send the buyer only on the basis of valid and certified document from the carrier of the claim or loss package.

Seller then on the basis of the Protocol applies to the carrier for damages resulting from damage or loss of goods during transport.

Claim the goods can be applied only at the seller in writing. Filing a complaint must contain the following information: number and date of purchase orders and invoices, description of findings. Complaints may be submitted by e-mail at:

The course and the status of the complaint the customer will be informed.

Use of products: How to use products and related workflows are described in the leaflet, which is part of the package. The customer (user) is obliged to adhere to these guidelines. Seller assumes no liability for damages resulting from improper or incorrect handling of the products, as well as for damages caused by external events. These cases are not covered by warranty.


Visitors to the website can register When you register you need to enter basic contact information (name, address, e-mail, phone). Applicant for registration can also elect its identification information (username and password), through which he can later on log.

Benefits of registration: Registered user gets after logging on the website following advantages:
Ability to view the status and content of its existing orders for electronic commerce.
The ability to edit and update their contact information.
Easier placing orders: no need to re-enter contact information, because the system is already known from registration.

Registration is voluntary and not for the use of the website is necessary. Visitors to the site can purchase through the ecommerce without registration.

The registration: Registration can be done as part of the purchase order or in the completion of separately via the registration form.

When you enter contact information is necessary to properly fill out all required information (in the form are marked with an asterisk). The information the client during registration or during order completion state must be true. When entering incorrect or incomplete information could cause problems in the processing of orders, especially regarding the timely and proper delivery of consignments.

Deregistration: The customer has the right to request the cancellation of their registration and deletion of their personal data from the database of the operator. To cancel your registration, please contact via e-mail to the administrator of this site (

Protection of personal data

Some of the information that customers enter when registering mandatory (especially name, surname, address, contact information), are personal data according to law no. 101/2000 Coll., On personal data protection.

The operator of the site aware of the confidentiality of personal data of its clients and declares that they will be handled and protected in accordance with the law on personal data protection.

The personal data are processed by the provider for an indefinite period, ie. Until a possible revocation of the consent given during registration. The customer can consent at any time in writing (eg. Via e-mail addressed to the Webmaster) and operator data without undue delay liquidated.

Intended use of personal data: All personal data collected customers will be used solely for the purpose of mutual trade relations between the seller and the buyer. They will not be disclosed to third parties nor otherwise misused.

Use of personal data by others: the personal data of clients may access a different entity (eg. Carrier). In such cases, personal data will be used only for specific services or activities which the body ensures the operator (eg. Transport shipments). Collaborating entity may communicate personal data to other people.

Final Provisions

Seller reserves the right to change these general terms and conditions without prior notice.

These terms and conditions of the seller are issued in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code ( "NOZ") and complement the rights and obligations arising from the contracts of purchase between the seller and any other person or entity.

These terms and conditions are valid from January 1, 2016.